Friday 26 February 2016

Breakout goes on Air

A Christian Series filmed at Second Life, using the Second Life avatar, animations and environment, is one of a kind to look out for. A mechinima series created by its residents went live this February.

The trailer for the episode can be watched at Dynasty Television. The ones in the Mid-west may check the listings for Charter Cable channel 198. Or you can view the trailer here:

It is written and produced by Exquisite Xpressionz, LLC., filmed and edited by Rockford Ewing, Double Trouble Productions and music by Creative Nation Music.

The first episode was aired on February 1st, 2016 at 8:00pm on Dynasty Television. A 30-minute show is a story of Joy Jamison working at a high-end boutique trying to find a place for herself.

Joy thinks that her career would take a joyride if she was stylish like a celebrity, a common thought among teenagers. A make-over helps her to see that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and a little faith in herself. It helps her to see that God's creations are always beautiful, you only got to look it from God's eyes.

An enthralling drama, encourages us to look within our soul.

Watch Joyful Noise - Breakout Season 1 Episode 1


A good start and paving the way for next-gen mechinima artists, this Christian series is sure to capture the heart. With a good story line to back the series and just enough dialogues, it will keep you attentive throughout. However, the use of what's available in Second Life, in terms of fashion, decoration and animation, could have been better. We hope to see more of such series in future. For this first series, I would rate 4/5 stars leaving one star for improvement, which am sure will happen soon.


  1. Debby! Thank you so much for your review! We appreciate it and the feedback was great. As the storyline progress and new episodes come out, we hope to use and share more great qualities of Second Life definitely in terms of fashion, decorations and animations!! We'll keep you updated on new and upcoming episodes!

    1. You're very welcome. It was a fun to watch the story. Irrespective of my feedback, the story touched my heart. The beginning of the screenplay and the cinematography is perfect. Am eagerly looking forward for more.