Monday 5 October 2015

Thank You my SL Avatar ~ A Meme Monday with a Just another Tequila Sunrise

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

Ever wondered, the latent talent we all possess, which are peaked at our second home gradually takes surface in our real selves? Ever wanted to thank our virtual self for scratching the surface of low self confidence to enunciate the better and beautiful inner self?

Every once in a while its good to go under introspection of self and get that under construction board out.

Over the years of playing virtual worlds, we develop a keen interest in developing our pacified skills. Later these become our talents for which we are known.

Few tend to blogging, writing, mechanima, digital art, fashion, clothing, landscaping, interior designing etc. We build our virtual reality with the things we like. We create a community of like minded people. At the end we discover ourselves creating art to frame our world without limitations. Thanks to a portal that the game developers thought of, in my case, Philip Rosedale and the Linden Labs to come forth with an idea void of limited resources.

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

It doesn't take much time for us to recognize and hone these skill sets to our real lives. During our adolescence days in virtual world, we might be shy and confused, but soon we realize our skill's worth and implement them to real life without any doubt. The people who have experienced such, will be true testament to the fact that we are unsure of such transition taking place. When a game becomes our reality is a mysterious experience we never judge.

Yes, for those who haven't been through such a wonderful journey, their vs our views are debatable. As we see in various articles by different media sources hovering on the negativity of such topic. Where they fail is when they forget to engross themselves with a true spirit and an open mind.

This article is not to focus on the views of the world at large. But to give my introspection. After all, it is good to introspect every once in a while. Especially, when something good is to be said.

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

My last holiday was fun and made me realize that it is time to thank SL (or any virtual world/MMORPG). During an ethnic event in India, my brother's marriage, I had planned to ensemble an outfit for D-Day. This ensemble turned out to be my first Avant Garde style which I had to carry with poise in a crowd where every one was decked in traditional ethnic wear. This article to thank all the designers, fashionista bloggers and models world wide who believe being different and being comfortable is fashion.

I would also like to thank my SL Avatar for bestowing the confidence in me to pull this off on the D- Day.
  1. I Thank my SL Avatar for finding my passion for writing
  2. I Thank my SL Avatar for giving me a world of supporting friends and readers.
  3. I Thank my SL Avatar and all the fashionistas for teaching me to style
  4. I Thank my SL Avatar for teaching me to carry an Avante Garde look among ethnic people. 
  5. I Thank my SL Avatar for the keenness to trust and love myself.
I  may be a human being hiding behind my avatar, but thanks to you, SL Avatar for showing the real potential in me as a human being.

Taking the shot at life with an awesome destination for introspection at "Just another Tequila Sunrise. Landmark ~ Teleport

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

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