Sunday 18 October 2015

2015 MSABC' How Brazaar is here for a week

"Let not deaths happen because we are unaware of the causes.
Let not deaths happen because we lack medicines.
Let not deaths happen because we dont have enough money.
Let not deaths happen because there wasn't enough re-search.
Lets give one unexpected gift to that person who needs it the most."

Photography Credits: Debby Sharma dedicated In memory to my uncle 

How to make a difference?
This year there will be a "How BraZaar?!" Extravaganza began on Saturday, Oct 17 and would continue till October 25th. This event will be held on ACS Island and 3 adjacent sims- Strides 1 (shopping), Strides 2 (main stage), and Strides 3 (shopping)

How BraZaar?! - One whole week of shopping goodness, Man Up, Bling Your Bra, awareness, and lots more! Of note, there will be 2 special events- Oct 23 will be a ManUp! event from 5 - 8 pm and Oct 24 will be Bling My Bra

On Sunday, Oct 25, the Making Strides Walk will go from 12 - 8 pm SLT. People are invited to register to walk the special Strides track that will circle the 4 sims. Registration is now open hereEveryone is welcome!! One lap or as many as you can, Sign up!!!  Help us take Strides Against Breast Cancer in SL!
Also, In the same spirit of luminaria, there will be beautiful pink trees that can be yours for a L$300 donation at the Making Strides Across Second Life event. When you dedicate a tree, it becomes yours! You'll be able to take it after the event. Thank you to Kriss Lehman for donating these trees to our event! 

(P.S. I already got one cute pink tree.)

Donate in the least way you can and let that victim of this deadly disease receive another day for birthday. After all, there are lots of possibilities to make a difference.

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