Monday 9 March 2015

It's The Kick Off Day at last!

We participated at the Kick Off as a team under 4mE - Vents Out!! Here is our campsite. It was fun! It is our first time to be involved as a team. You can say we are new. At about 12 noon, 7th March, 2015, the builders were allowed in the sim. At 5:00 pm, the Relay for Life Volunteers of Second Life were given a glimpse of what to expect. By 8:00 pm the sneak peak time closed. Since, the vendors and the kiosks started working at around 9:00 pm, the builders were given extra time to set up their campsites till 5:00 am, 8th March in the morning.

Biting our nails nervously, the Kick off started at last. The pre-show started at 8 am SLT by T1 Radio, Official Broadcasting Partner of Relay for Life of Second Life, with the official opening of this seasons Relay for Life of Second Life at 9 am SLT. Later, there were speeches delivered by the committee members. Visitors enjoy the music, play games, explore around or walk the relay track to view the campsites.

Our location on the map.

At the end of the event, we raised a total of L$ 1920. I think it was an okay start for a four month old event and considering we are new to this grid. At the left of the website, look for "Donate for Charity" to visit the kiosk in Second Life.

With our little efforts, we can make big changes in the lives of those who are affected by Cancer. Lets do something little to eradicate it from the face of the Earth. Go Relay! Go Purple!

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