Wednesday 25 March 2015

2015 Menswear Fashion Week and Strawberry Singh's Meme

This time along with the trending style am doing the latest Strawberry Singh Meme called, "Me, Myself and I". My list of I's are as follows:

I am .. She.
I want .. peace in world
I have .. a family that loves me
I wish .. I could live in the fantasy world.
I hate eat fried neem leaves
I fear .. to hurt my mom and dad
I search .. for something new to learn
I wonder ..if one day we could mute our real lives.
I regret .. nothing yet
I never .. am satisfied with the quality of my work. I think there is always a scope of improvement.
I always .. find the things, experiences that would make me laugh at my silliness when I grow old.
I usually .. love to cook
I dance .. when I am happy
I sing .. all the time.
I often .. think of getting a puppy.
I sometimes .. wish I would look like my SL Avatar.
I need .. to push my passion further
I cry .. when I see the eyes of patriots. The love for their country and their fellow colleagues.
I should .. give more time to my family and not be a workaholic

I love .. my parents

My Wardrobe Credit:
Outfit ~ Wicca's Wardrobe ~ Andreas Shirt and pants
Accessories ~ Paul Polo
Shoes ~ Paul Polo
Hands ~ SLINK Relax hands

Where to find Wicca's Wardrobe?
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  1. Replies
    1. smiles.. cooking is the only stress reliever for me..that includes not the regular food but something special.