Thursday 20 November 2014

What do you wish for this Christmas? ~ Linden Lab

The snow has started to settle in.The weather is cold. Autumn has almost left. Am I being poetic today? The season for giving is arriving soon. Children are waiting for the end of December. Adults are also waiting for the Christmas season. Is it too soon to write about Christmas? May be not the Santa Clause, but Ice Princess is ready. Not in her pretty little figure skating apparel, but a flowing white and rose pink gown.

Even though Autumn has almost receded and Christmas is one month afar, the Christmas spirit in the air. Linden Labs have asked in their social media, Facebook:
"We're working on a holiday gift item for everyone and want to know, What item would be on your Second Life Wishlist?"

Over 161 people answered. The answers were better viewer, ability to close a group you own, only mesh viewer, a cute Christmas house with less prims, have casinos back for all, free uploads, inventory organizer, cheaper land tier, more group slots, free homes of choice etc. While some wished for more land , private island etc., some wished for free lindens and premium accounts. Few have more unusual thoughts like a personal computer to play Second Life again.

Connie Gurney said something unique, "A flying sleigh with reindeer so you can deliver presents to properties and only the receiver of the property can open it." 

Gin Perdide said, "A pair of socks."

I wanted the return of surnames in the legacy name. Well, unlike Santa, Linden Labs can fulfill only one wish this Christmas. What do you wish for? 

My Wardrobe Credits:

Pose ~ Champloo Cutie poses
Jewelry ~ Jumo Superb jewelry ~ Rose Diamond map
Gown ~ Posh Pixels LeBlac Gown available in pink, pear, mint, spring, ice
Place ~ 4m my Eyes Headquarters ~ map
Hair ~ lovely hair 33
Make up ~ richelle lipstick

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