Monday 27 October 2014

Relayers at Making Strides Making their First Lap

As the day for Halloween is nearing, so is the end of Seasons of Pink this year. Two regions were decked beautifully with a woodland and a path running with cobbled stones. In the center was the fountain with the maze surrounding it. Pink flowers lay spread across the region. The first ever stride for Breast Cancer started at 9 am SLT according to the schedule

T1 Radio played music for an hour, followed by Opening Ceremony and the Caregiver &Survivor Hour. The path was open to everyone at Noon SLT to relay for the cause. While the Caregiver & Survivor hour was going on, I was stationed near the cabin of the official media sponsor of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life, The Torch: Entertainment Guide; there was a group of people who applauded everyone who came by doing the laps.

Although the next snapshot is not one of my best, I will still like to mention them as they were the few people who elevated the spirit of the relay. Due to my bad network connection, I apologize I could not get a better shot at that time.

At noon SLT, as each one of us stepped foot in their best boots. I picked up pink boots from Poised, bald and hit the track waving the flag. My first lap took about 10 mins. Don't go by the time, it was a huge lap.

At the information areas, there were boxes of pink ribbons, hats, hoppers and scripted flags to be held in hand. All for free. You could find flags of every nation in the world. With each lap I donated L$10 at the kiosk.

At 1 pm SLT, we ran with the our own Country;s flag as it was the International Spirit Hour. I have never felt the spirit of representing ones own country in Second Life. Holding the flag of India in my hand waving, as I ran to complete the laps, which took about 20 mins this time, I felt pride in my soul.

The event continued with Hats a Plenty Hour and Let's get Hopping Hour.back to back from 2 pm SLT to  4 pm SLT. Followed by the Remembrance Ceremony and party by DJ Trader1 Whiplash, owner of T1 Radio. All the relayers relayed in the loving memory of someone near to them. Others, like me relayed because it is a right thing to do.

Contributing in a small way for a right cause bring a big change. The Totals Pgae of  MSABC Across Second Life speaks for itself. A hearty thank you to all the contributors who have helped raise $16,045 USD this year, 2014.

My Wardrobe Credits:
Outfit ~ Mooh ~ Fashion Story Fair on map until October 29th, 2014
Specs ~ Saviad Fair 2013
Accessories ~ Dove
Hair ~ Emotions
Boots ~ Poised Nine HiTop Sneakers ~ map
Place ~ At the maze of MSABC Across Second Life.~ map

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