Sunday 12 October 2014

How do I make it big? ~ Part I

Today I wanted to deviate from the usual way I write most articles. Possibly, its one of my introspection day. When I came new to Second Life, I started as a host. For almost one and a half years I was obsessed with hosting at events. I could do a twelve hour stretch easily. And I did that for days together. I had worked for many clubs. I had seen clubs being a popular destination and also a few that shut down over night. 

At first, I used to struggle. I still remember my late night shift at Malibu Night Club, someone said, "Who is she? And why doesn't she talk?" It was that time, and then another time after about a year, when I couldn't stop talking. Even in an empty club, I would just go on with the DJ. I knew I had reached the peak of my hosting career when I was invited to guest host for events. I had become so comfortable with any kind of crowd, that it was just a cup of tea to start a conversation. 

Apart from the regular Hosting tips, here are a few Do's and Dont's:
  • Have a bucket list of topics that you often see click with the crowd
  • Talking about music and genres always helps. 
  • Keep unique gestures in your inventory. Its best to make them. 
  • If you find a fun meme on social networking sites, either remember them list them down. These are great for breaking the silence at clubs.
  • Ask the silent parked avatars, if you could help them in local chat, it shows you care for each and everyone and it can lead people to talk and encourage too.
  • Do not Gesturebate, meaning do not play gestures just because no one is talking. Gesture wars occur seldom.
  • Try using gestures without sound, people come to listen to music, it may annoy them sometimes.

The most important tip is to have fun. Do you have any other unique suggestion? Do not forget to mention them in the comment box.

My Wardrobe Credits
Hands~ SLINK Casual Hands
Hat ~ Meli Imako ~
Hair ~ no hair as promised during the event Cure for Pink
Earrings ~ JCNY Sweetheart
Dress ~ Meli Imako ~
Clutch ~ Jumo ~ The 24^2
Skin & Shape ~ LAQ Glow

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