Sunday 7 September 2014

Kings and Queens Event

Teleport to Location

1 sim | 100 designers | 50 male & 50 female designers
What would it be if you Reign over on the land for century?
You’re Glamorous, Luxurious, Royal, Own the Throne!
You’re tired of seeing always the same?
You miss the luxury and elegance in Second Life?
You like the high class lifestyle?
Then don’t miss this fair!! A full sim filled with 100 designers.
That is what to expect before teleporting to the sim and I have the dish about who is there and with my own taste, what did I like when I went.
To start off, I landed in the middle of the sim at the landing point and on both sides of me there were stairs, and infront of me and behind me there were pictures of the stores that are sponsoring this shopping event.


Isn’t that beautiful? I think so! Now, wondering around I am impressed with the stuff I saw. Why? Because there is so much talent in 1 sim and if I am noticing correctly (for those refusing to go all mesh) there are still people making system clothing, not that I am complaining.
Before I continue, I would love to mention I have a particularly girly style. I myself am a huge fan for a cute pair of heels and skirts or dresses. Below are 4 items that I thought were just to die for.

In the picture above, there are 2 mini dresses (too cute!) as well as a longer flowing dress and yes a pair of heels for SLINK feet. Those that have slink or looking into having them, this event has shoes for the feet (squeels!) as well as nail huds from another store. I myself am in the process of getting the high so this is exciting to see events including slink as well.  For those interested in these 4 items, the store is called La Boutique.
I also saw the shirt that is just to die for! To all the girly girls out there, it is time to grab that wallet and get this item. Being in the child community on an alt, I do see this style sometimes but for adults it is actually rare. I am talking about frilly shirts!


Curious to see how it would actually look? I was too, so I snagged a picture of myself wearing a demo:


Isn’t it just the most cutest shirt in the world? AND ITS PINK!! which makes the demo that much cuter and makes me wanting to get it that much more. Those interested in this shirt, it is from La Royale, who also so happens to be a creator for male avatars.
Anyways enough about the shirt, let’s move on shall we?
I mentioned SLINK shoes above with another store and I just had to show these shoes I found. I saw them and I knew they were shoes I could rock!


Emporium brings us a pair of hot heels for SLINK and not only are they just hot in the design but you can change the texture! Ladies I think we will be leaving this event with our wallets emptied and the boys drooling, what do you think? Winking smile
Now as I was walking around, I noticed it wasn’t just about the fashion in second life. I saw places for tattoos as well as a jewelry store *coughs* LADIES!! *coughs* Below is a picture I took in a store that was all about the jewelry.


The jewelry store is called Pomposity and what a great place to bring the boyfriend, no? Am I right ladies? Winking smile
So what is my review? Do I like the event? I LOVE it! So many girly things as well as great items for the boys, this is an event you DO NOT want to miss!
~kisses, Mel
Skin: R.icielli Morja Skin/Smokey Eyes [Br Brows] Medium found in Candy Avatar pack
Hair: Wasabi Pills Anais Brown Pack
Shape: Jada Shape from Nuclear Bambi
Eyes: LAQ Dazzling marine Eyes
Clothing Credits:
Open Cardigan from DuckNipple
Pleat Skirt from DuckNipple
Sandals from +9 but seem to no longer be available on Marketplace
Demo Shirt found at the event from La Royale – Event Location

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