Friday 15 August 2014

The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part IV

In the last parts, Part I, Part II and Part III, I discussed about the thin line that distinguishes Gor (a fictional work) with reality and a culture with violence. We all agree, that any act done with ones own will is acceptable which otherwise translates to violence. Unlike real world, where we rarely have a choice which culture to follow; In virtual worlds we do. Whenever a community of people is formed, there are situations that turn people bad.

Considering all the above points, where to start your journey?

The first advice is to do role play by the books
Virtual world is an escapism from reality. People fulfill the desires which doesnot happen in real world. Which means that there will be some who would want to fulfill their darkest desires and some who might be "grieved". Those who have been playing have been through such situations. For those who are new to this world, this is the most important factor that can make a game hell for one's mind. Hence, follow a role play by the books and join the community which follows it too.

The second advice is to choose your role play
Its best to choose a role play before you enact. How does one choose the role play? There are audio books written by John Norman available in the Pirate bay, which you may listen to and choose a character which defines you the most.

The third advice is to enroll in a training institute
There are many virtual worlds available. For now, I have visited a few to know about them.

  • Second Life
  • Inworldz
  • imvu

These are the training places in Second Life:
Port Talisman
~ for kajira and Master' training, combat lessons are given to both.

Port Haifa Gorean Trining Academy
~ for all ranks of people

Gorean Campus
~ for all ranks of people

The City of Vonda
~ for man slaves

Thorvaldur Training Village
~ for all ranks of people

Art of War Academy
~ for combat

The training institutes offer training free of cost, however it is best to inquire with the Master of the land first, before you join.

The training places at InWorldz are yet to open. The Masters may take a student under his wing or might send to second life training academies. Hence, it is very important to ask if they either follow Gor as closely  or strictly "By the Books".

The training places at imvu are "Ukungu Village, Gor" and "The Slave Exchange Market". The best way is to ask for the "Observer tag" and learn from the ways of followers of Gor first hand.

If you want more information on any other virtual world, you may ask in the comments below or if you have any other information to add, you are most welcome.

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