Thursday 31 July 2014

The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part II

Master: "What are the duties of a kajira?"
Kajira: "Exquisite beauty and complete obedience"

In the last part, I left of hovering over the thought, the depth in the idea between an imaginary society of Gor and the real society we live in. A story however fictional has its base created on our real life influences. When a woman gets married, she has overwhelming emotions of love for her husband, hope for the future and fear of being disliked when she is showing her true self to her man. In the same way, the man is overwhelmed with love for his wife, concern for her security and well being, and the fear of being disliked when he would show his true self. Marriage is a notion of submitting oneself to the other selflessly. It leaves the person vulnerable in hands of the other.

In our society, there are many cultures where love is talked about freely as it is a natural behavior of a living being, however, there are also certain cultures where love is kept in the hushed voices between partners. This means that echoing of such thought, may be negative for some while a general notion for others.

 The duties of a Kajira is an ultimate form of submission to her Master, she loves. She is brought to the planet of Gor because she has the qualities to serve one.

Witness of Gor chapter 13 page 311; referred from the link Gorean dance blog.

In the above lines, we understand that when a woman submits selflessly, it opens the door for a woman to be aware of her beauty, as her man would praise her and love her for what she is inside out. This is what we all seek irrespective of being a man or woman. Someone who would accept us for who we are, which includes the way we look, what we feel and the decisions we take. Many argue that a slave has no mind of her own in gor. The above paraphrase proves that every being has its own intelligence and no one is deprived from it. A kajira, surrenders her soul in the hands of her Master which does not mean she is deprived from it. She chooses to let her Master decide for her. Such is the profound love and trust for her Master.

Mercenaries of Gor pages 435-436

Gor is a reflection of true life where the emotions are magnified when one is in love with the other. In the above paraphrase we see that, even the Master is bound to her Kajira. His love in return is shown in the way he wants to protect her, please her; that the man is willing to die for her. Such is the love.

Such is the love, which is often misinterpreted as a torture on woman, violence and harassment. We talk of Gor as a regretted practice, not knowing what is acknowledges. If we look around in our society, are the women safe in any country? Who can guarantee the safety of a woman or a child? What does the father do, does he not protect his family? And yet, in-spite of such protection and laws, are we still safe?

If the answer is No, then why is that a fictional culture be blamed. The punishments in Gor has caught the wild fire of popularity. But, how many of us have really endeavored to look into the books and understand why. Is our society a pure form, deprived of such issues? If not, then are we seeking a fictional work which is not a reflection of our society but a mere useless hope that there could be one?

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