Wednesday 11 December 2013

Letters to Santa ~ Part I

Dear Santa,

I am old enough to get married and have kids, yet to this day I believe in you. In my opinion, we should always let our inner child be free. Its almost Christmas time and the count down has started. I somehow know that you will enter through the chimney or jump in through the window. For me, when Christmas comes, its time for hope, presents, yummy cakes and delicious meals, It doesn't snow here, but that doesn't stop us to create snow with foam and cotton. Its the fun time when the elders and the young in the family come together to decorate the tree and the house.

What am I doing this Christmas?

I know, its pretty tough for you Santa to reach all over the globe in just one night. We know you arrive only when the children are sleeping. So, this time I will be making a Christmas special for the children of orphanage in my locality. I have worked out a way to talk to the manager and find out what the children wish for. On 25th December, I will be giving out gifts to them. My best Christmas gift would be to see those cute smiles on their faces.

What are you doing this Christmas?

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