Thursday 14 November 2013

Being Inspired:

I wrote the heading, and looked at the sub categories. Which category would this blog fit in? Or should I make a new category? If so what would it be?

This blog is just my feelings. Mostly I guess it will be about, "4m my Eyes!" Well, it doesn't define the title. Ohh! am all over the place. Excuse me please, because I am having so many random thoughts that I do not actually know where to start.

Lets begin from the beginning.

I was looking into some blender videos on you tube. I was learning to build a house and texturing it in blender. The UV mapping seemed difficult and I wanted to skip it. So, I went to the community to ask the question Can we texture a model of blender in second life? I was waiting for a reply, scrolling up-down, moving in through different forums. When I saw the   SL community: Drax Files. I had always ignored those posts. God knows why? After watching the latest one, I wanted to watch all of them. I laughed with the creators, smiled to see their passion.

So, whats this blog is about?

I was so bored to do the hosting job at clubs in Second Life. I wanted to skip the schedules. I even didn't want to enter Second Life. Basically, I lost motivation. My friends complained of not seeing me for a long time.

Thanks to the Drax Files. I feel inspired again. For those who are programmers, creators, who know computers, Second Life is a platform to execute their skills as a hobby. I am no way near computers. All that I have on market place with the name D's Dazzle is just me learning. I think my creations are noobish and eat up a whole lot of prims. Thats when I decided to learn mesh in Blender. I could have got Maya. I heard and read articles that it is comparatively easier. But, well I am still a student in real life. All that I can pay up for is the internet fees. Well, I have been trying to learn Blender through the help manual for the past 8 months and it got me no where. Lately, I tried the videos on Youtube. Bingo! Struck the gold. It was easy to learn. Silly me, why didn't I try it before wasting 8 months. Now, with just 3 models, I know to model only. So, the next step is texturing. This is where I lost all hope and demotivated again.

In India, not lot many people know about Second Life. Nor can many understand the essence of it. To understand that it is not merely a game, that there are people with feelings at the other end can be pretty complicated sometimes. Not so, if you are regular user. In an interview with a Digital Marketing company, in my real life, I actually told them I am a creator in Second Life, and I talk to many people all over the world with different professional qualifications. Even though the company is about SEO management, none of them actually understood the passion of Second Life users. Smiles! Not all has the ability, patience, passion, time to know it.

I feel blessed to meet the people with so much passion. My mom and dad don't really share my views. I have tried hard to make them understand. Well, all have their own perceptions. They are worried, I don't learn anything. But what I learn every day is beyond their comprehension. Not that I am trying to justify myself through the blog. Its just that I wanted my real to be a part of me in Second Life.

I am writing this blog with a mosquito sitting beside me, which I didn't want to kill because I felt the life in there. Guess what, it has been sitting by me for the whole evening. I didn't kill it, it didn't bite me. Weird? No, I don't think so.

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