Tuesday 22 October 2013

Is there any other option - Final Part

I talked about babies from interactive to non-interactive babies. This blog is the final part, i.e., Part - IV. In this blog I am going to talk about the comparison between each baby. Though this blog was not quiet necessary. It is written for all those who want the data at a glance and take decisions based on their budget. To all who want to know more, you can go to the previous three parts.
Part - I
Part - II
Part - III

The prices mentioned are only for the human babies. The nursery items are not included. It also excludes the things that baby needs like the diaper bag etc.

Interactive Babies:
  • Zoobys = L$ 5000
  • Lyuboff =  L$ 699 (new born) L$1999 (age 8 to 36 months)
  • Funsies = L$ 2500
  • Baby Tatu = L$ 3000 (previous version) L$ 900 (Lite version)
  • PooterBilt = L$ 1000
  • Sexy Mamas = L$ 3000
Non- Interactive Babies
  • Prim baby = L$ 300 (this is the hospital charges only)
  • Kitten Krescendo = Free
  • Googoo Babies = L$ 1599
  • Sexy Mamas = L$ 700

If I had to conclude all the information I gathered, It will be the following:

  1. Its best to use the non- interactive babies for the delivery process only
  2. Interactive babies need time and money. Each have their own set of pros and cons. So decide wisely. 
I am aware that there could be more information about each. I have tried my best to give you all a brief insight to set you on a path. The rest of the details can be obtained from either the market place or the maternity clinics. The information is helpful for single mothers and fathers or new moms and dads. 

Do you think the blogs were helpful? Please comment.

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