Thursday 26 September 2013

Treasure Hunting!

When I logged in yesterday, I viewed the events column. I wanted to look for events related to zooby's (this is the new topic for my research). There were 3 events. On one I had gone the day before. Another caught my eyes, it said, "L$3000 up for grabs for treasure hunting"

I had always read how much fun Treasure Hunting was. I never tried it out. So I thought I would give it a shot. I read the rules got the tag " Treasure Huntress", wore the hunter cap and got ready. The clues were fun initially. Finding those little gold boxes were fun. It was a twisting and turning time for my camera. Lol, I guess a proper use of practice for ctrl+alt+left click and alt+left click.

At 6th clue, it was to find the handsome Maverick Man. I was running from every nick and corner of the sim. Went to all pics of men and ran around all the men avs in the sim (whispers: the men didnt know i followed them). Anyways that man I couldn't find after a search of an hour. I failed miserably to find my 7th clue. I would like to try hunting again sometime, but not anytime soon.

The best part of hunting was, I got gifts. Among them was a unisex slipper, which I would like to share with my darling hubby. :-) Rest were not needed by me.. put to trash. My first hunting experience was awesome. 

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